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Last February, a person was leaving. In March, a box opened. I discovered a treasure there:
a collection of clip on earrings in magical colors and shapes,
evoking the journey of a lifetime, through the decades, a joyful and loving life.

Like an echo to my two passions, jewelry work and love for the second hand objects, a surprising idea seized me.
I was going to bring these treasures back to life, embrace them with my silver wire.
        Each earring in this collection consists of an authentically vintage clip on earring mounted on a silver wire.

        I chose to create an ear piece that doesn't go through the lobe but sits on the lobe with perfect comfort.
Because of this, each earring is as light as a feather. Wearing a voluminous earring becomes a delight.

Some models exist as a solo earring , the others are pairs. Each model is a unique piece that you will be the only one to wear.

Photo : Laura Essayie
Model : Floor Jochems

Assistant : Sophie Postma

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