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Laura's journey as a jewelry designer officially started with her first collection in 2015. But the origins of her vocation require a quick jump in the past.

   Born in a French family of jewelers with eastern and scandinavian influences, she had the chance to experience the beauty of the jewelry craft at a young age, by observing her uncle, and later her cousin, sculpting silver with intelligence and simplicity. The tutelary figure of Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe, Swedish priestess of modernist jewelry who trained her uncle Denis in jewelry in the 1950s, still floats above Laura's workshop.

    She chose to experiment the art of jewelry through sculpture by attending and graduating from a degree in Sculpture applied to Metal in Paris, at the National Art School ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres. And in order to broaden her imagination, she then assisted artists, designers and jewelers with very distincts universes such as Ralph Bakker, Eloïse Fiorentino, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, Philip Sajet, Guillaume Airiaud and Michal Avraham, giving her the desire to develop her own collection.

    Laura is developing a collection of wearable sculptures born from working with silver wire. Using mostly recycled material from old silver or gold jewelry, she melts the metal to make a new ingot that she refines on a milling and pulling bench to obtain a unique thread each time. This ancestral artisanal work is a major source of inspiration for the creation of each model which range from the architectural to organic, having as a common point the idea of working each model with a single thread.
    Her workshop travels with her between Paris, the Netherlands and Italy. It is currently located in the Dutch countryside between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, in an inspiring and bucolic space where she organizes workshops to introduce her art.

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