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    Graduated from a degree in Sculpture applied to Metal in Paris, my journey as a jewelry designer officially started with my first collection in 2015. But the origins of my vocation require a quick jump in the past.

    Born in a French family of jewelers, I had the chance to experience the beauty of the jewelry craft at a young age, by observing my uncle, and later my cousin, sculpting silver with intelligence and simplicity.
    I then assisted artists, designers and jewelers with very distincts universes such as Ralph Bakker, Eloïse Fiorentino, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, Philip Sajet, Guillaume Airiaud and Michal Avraham, giving me the desire to develop my collection.

    An evolving collection with the line as a starting point, each jewel is conceived as a small sculpture to wear. In silver, gold plated brass, or gold, I design and make all the pieces from the collection in my workshop, with traditional tools. And because I believe that recycling is the key, I reuse old silver objects or small silver grains to melt them into a new ingot turning it into a wire.

    Long story short : My jewels have a story, would you be part of it ?