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All my jewels are custom made size

   You can use this virtual tool
    For the two fingers rings, let me know on which hand and which fingers you wish to wear it, along with the measures of each finger.

    Measure your wrist with a flexible thread. You will obtain a result between 14 and 22 cm.

Earrings & Necklaces
    On request, most of my designs are customizable, length and diameter wise.


All my jewels are made by me in my workshop.   
Rings and Bracelets exist in sterling silver, vermeil and gold. Earrings and some Necklaces exists in sterling silver, gold plated brass and gold.

Vermeil jewelry
         Vermeil is a silver jewel covered with a 5 micron layer of 24 karats gold, a layer that can resist in the time. If you are interested to purchase a jewel in vermeil, contact me to know when this option will be available. The vermeil treatment of a jewel is done by sessions for a group of jewels.


Delivery price
     3 euros to every destination with a simple shipping without track and trace.
10 euros to every destination with a track and trace number and insured package.  
Every order above 150 euros includes a free shipping with track and trace and insurance.

Shipping time
Usually, your jewel will be ready to be sent between 1 to 7 days after you placed your order. 

Lost or broken package
    If your package has been lost by the post or arrives broken, and if the package has not been insured at your initiative, I can't be held responsible.

Return policy
    You can return any jewel within two weeks after reception if the model or the size doesn't please you. You will be able to exchange it for another jewel in the same price range.


Silver jewels
Because they are in sterling silver, the best way to take good care of them and keep them bright and shining is to wear them : you can shower, swim in the sea and sleep with them. If you didn’t wear a silver jewel for a while, it probably became a bit dark and dull. You can wash it with an old toothbrush and some dishwashing soap. It will shine again!

Gold plated & Vermeil jewels
On contrary of the silver ones, the gold plated and vermeil jewels are more sensitive to outside elements. To protect the golden layer and let it stay forever on your jewel, don’t put it in contact with water or perfume. Put it back in your jewelry box when you don’t wear it.

Secured Payment

The payment is completely secured on this website thanks to the online payment system of my partner Stripe, payment solution certified PCI/DSS level 1 (the highest security system to pay online). The cards and banks datas that you fill on the website are crypted and don’t circulate on Internet. Moreover, they are only treated by Stripe and are not in my possession. When you enter your codes to purchase a jewel on the website, you transmit them directly to Stripe.

secured payment

insured shipping with track and trace number

worldwide shipping

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