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    Creating today means to be aware of the impact of your practise on the planet and mankind. Therefore, and because I always felt concerned about that, I choose to be clear about my responsibility as a jeweler. Here is how I propose to act ethically through my creations.

Echo & Halo, made of 18 karats gold recycled from an old necklace

Precious Recycling

Do you have an old piece of jewelry, in silver or gold, that you don’t wear anymore? I can transform it into a new jewel from my collection. The symbolic value of your jewel remains and shifts into the shape that fits you like a glove.

You can also sell me your precious metal. You will be part of the recycling movement and I will be able to continue to propose jewels with a minimal impact on the environnement. Every gram of silver or gold that I reuse is a gram that doesn’t need to be mined.
To know more about the prices and conditions, contact me :

I often go to second hand shops and fleamarkets which are the perfect places to find some precious treasures such as silver spoons. I find them quite often and turn them into pieces of my collection.

Responsible Silver

Because the quantity of silver that I recycle is not enough for all my production, my supplier proposes me sterling silver that is certified “Responsible Council Jewellery” : 80% of it is already recycled, the 20% left come from “responsible” mines. I hope to be able soon to use a 100% recycled silver.

Conscious Communication

When I send you a jewel, you receive it with a personalized card made in recycled paper. Your jewel is wrapped in a kraft gift enveloppe because I noticed that most of us don’t keep jewelry boxes. I make my packages as small as possible so they don’t need much effort to be transported and use as less paper as possible.

No Seasonal Collection

I prefer to not play by the rythm of the fashion that creates dead stocks ready to be thrown away after one season. When a design is beautiful, its beauty doesn’t pass with the seasons : you can order each of my jewels even years after it was first made.

Fair Price

The price of my jewels is the same all year long. You won’t find sales or reductions here. This price is calculated considering the material, tools and shipping costs to which is added a margin able to make me live and keep creating in a traditional way. 
This constant price is the best way to guarantee the best quality for each jewel. 
It is also the respect of the consumer. How disappointing is it to see the price of an object drop suddenly when you bought it for its full price a moment ago.
This price difference questions the qualitiy of the object or the fair remuneration of its author. 
The price of a crafted jewel is the reflection of its unicity, the time of the thinking and making, the quality of its materials and the know-how.

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