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Three months spent in a small Italian village between mountain and river under the sun of 2019 gave birth to this earring. On a path of this mountain, the ground sparkles with quartz of all shapes, rough, cut by time and the elements. This is what makes them precious to me : I did not look for them, they were not extracted on the other side of the world. With my lover, they accompanied us and we only had to bend over to pick them up by going to the river.

From this little treasure I have selected 30 stones for their brilliance and finesse. The diameters of the stones vary between 0.5mm to 1.5mm. Some are completely transparent, others more matt and white, some have orange inlays. These are not impurities but evidence of their uniqueness.

I offer here a very limited series : 11 pairs of earrings whose quartz have been associated for their resemblance and 6 solitary ones.

The quartz slides freely on the gently sculpted silver wire.

Between 2 to 4 grams per loop for a light lobe
Diameter of the large loop : 4.5 cm

Sterling silver

Shipping within 1 to 4 days

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